1. How do I request an Agency Agreement?
2. How do I request service on the CGT pipeline?
General System Information
1. How do I sign up to receive email alerts of public EBB notices?
2. What is the CGT Informational Postings Website?
3. How do I access CGT's Customer Activities Website?
4. Can I access a map of the CGT system?
5. Where can I find the Index of Customers (IOC)?
6. For how long is the Index of Customers (IOC) retained on CGT’s Public EBB?
7. Where can I find CGT contact information?
8. My account is locked/password needs to be reset, what do I do?
9. Does CGT offer training classes?
10. Who is my account manager?
11. How do I report a pipeline emergency?
Measurement Information
1. What report can I use to see current flow rates?
2. I need Gas Quality information for the gas delivered to my facility. Where can I find this information?
1. Where can I find rate information online?