Public Safety

Safe operations help make Dominion Carolina Gas Transmission a company you can count on for reliable transportation of natural gas. We ensure that the transportation of this clean, efficient fuel is conducted with a high standard of safety. We're also committed to protecting the natural beauty and historic heritage that make the Southeast a special place to live and work. It's this balanced approach that makes us a good partner—and a good neighbor.

Dominion Carolina Gas Transmission provides you with this public safety information because we may own and operate natural gas pipelines near your home or business.

In the event of a natural gas emergency, please note the toll-free emergency contact number: 1-800-789-7272.

Your Safety is Our Top Priority

For the safety of our system and the people around it, Dominion Carolina Gas Transmission follows a rigorous inspection and testing schedule for all equipment and safety devices. We also monitor our pipelines 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and operate our pipelines in accordance with all state and federal regulations.

Pipeline Safety and You

Dominion Carolina Gas Transmission transports natural gas through high pressure pipelines to customers in South Carolina and Georgia. Safe and reliable delivery of natural gas is our primary goal.